Hello world!

Welcome to the place where engineering meets indegenous design ..

Welcome to my technical blog…”INDIANTINKER”

Lets first decipher what actually it means…


Tinker(Arduniuns must be familiar): Attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way, often to no useful effect.

I felt the need for such a blog as the stuff mentioned on sites related to DIY`s are not available in India and in order to get it done one needs to get it shipped …and for tinkering as a past time activity very few actually kinda import that stuff…ultimately the desire to make that envisioned gadget fades and rests in the deep corners of our minds.Although we cant change this but we can follow the very old policy   “Best Out Of what is available”.

So in my blog i would like to capture all that stuff which “the technically inclined” can do to follow their inner voice…that is to “Create“.

If you ever say to yourself that if i could…CREATE this gadget…that does this and that without spending much…then this is the right place for you..


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