The WSC Story-Chapter 3 -Assemble…Royal Rumble

Assemble…Royal Rumble

You all might be wondering why these posts are too irregular ..its probably becoz i cant just write it away just like that..Its only when i am in the right comes out..Ahem..

Now that i mentioned that we had disassembled our car into 3 parts(mechanically) and about 37 parts electrically. Unlike other teams we couldn’t make the car early so we had to send it by Air which is luxury to say at first but its a pain..The cars all broken up see other teams and their cars are just Awesome! And yours still have to make…

To add salt to the wound the cargo was delayed by 3 days..and you need to make the whole car all again..But still we have to thats what we are here for..

Our Pit

Cargo Coming..

The next mountain in our path that will miserably reduce the performance of our system was the incident i am going to mention..The LiFeP04 batteries we had back there in India were very good. The specs are 51.2V,40Ah and 5C  Burst and 3C nominal 23kgs in weight with a custom built Heat removal system that maintained the battery as close to outside temperature so that its performance can be enhanced.

As we air shipped the car,the battery was forbidden in the cargo and hence it had to be carried later. Since they came to the country Via DHL air route we thought we can send them the Hidden Valley,Darwin by air. But there was a catch..The team reached Darwin and the other part which went later was struggling to send it..The DHL store said that they are not authorised to take it away from India but it can bring it to India. An independent courier agency said it looked like bombs ( hahaha)

i wonder why they never said they were the next “Little Boys”. Well since they didn’t  take it ..the bomb exploded on the Team..We were Battery-less Down Under. But finally another firm Stood Up and helped us ship them via sea. And we are still tracking who got the batteries because it says it got delivered a while later we left Darwin. It was to be strictly delivered to the Team Leader but it never reached us although we mentioned the Australian cell Numbers whom to be contacted in case of any problem. We are planning to go Legal..

Seperating The Stuff

So no batteries that starts the list…Our college gave us some money for contingency which we planned to be used in adverse conditions..Here it was ..we bought the Lead Acid batteries specs to mention- 52.8V,33Ah and 2C and 51kg..and it ate all our funds( contingency+ other).So you add weight and reduce the battery performance…:(


Still we added them and went on our journey to get it all assembled..Frame fixed..wheels attached..Suspensions done..brakes on..rear drive wheel attached..steering fixed up..Then we gave it a trial run went all good ..but there was a bit of snag in the breaks ( front discs )..Now we went on to do the electrical parts..we attached the head lamps, indicators and other stuff like MPPT connections..These was a lot than it seems because our previous wire harness was all messed up due to the last day dissembling and it couldn’t do us any good except giving us we rewired the entire auxiliary of the car using Heat Shrinks and not tapes thanks to a friend from Aurora Solar Car Team who advised took us about 8 hrs because we messed up once ( owe it to fatigue) ..So for the last 3 days we haven’t even rested we just napped a bit at Hidden Valley which won us a 4 sec byte in WSC 2011 Official Documentary..

It was just the night before scruteneering …it was 11:30pm at night..we were working on the brakes they still weren’t that good..and we were improving them..but they won`t..Then from the pit 2 stops from the left came Hamed and his friend to have a look..and he told us precisely the right way to remove air..which helped a lot..Thanks Hamed ( Havin Solar Car Team)

Cutting some way out..

Now it was upto the electrical team to seal the connections and lay the panels..after a while we were able to do the needful..It was 3:30am at night we were still up and screwing the panels( heavy ones with a glass frontsheet although prismatic effect helps them a bit but the weight thats rough on the car )..Meanwhile we were also attaching the safety pulls as the Rules mentioned. Then we read the entire regulations to make sure we if missed something .. and Voila its morning and its scruteneering day..We figured Out we didn’t

Some Final Adjustments

have a trail truck and were too short of time to arrange for one..we checked up all the locals but couldn’t find any..They said they were all booked up..Fortunately we were in the last slot so we can borrow the trail truck from any team that had it in the first slot..We were helped by Sikat Solar car team who took our car to Venue..Thank You..

We were at the venue was a delight to see the future where there were about 20 cars under one roof and none of them ran on petrol/diesel..that gave me Goosebumps..We were at the first stand where we got the car measured and the In-Out timings were done..we were cleared..Meanwhile the drivers were tagged(haha..)and weights were given to them..We then went on to the Indicators section where we got  a problem..we were missing the hazard lamp and an system to indicate the driver that the indicators were working..although our ones click tick tok tick tok..but we still have to get them..we noted it and went on to the battery and safety system..we were cleared ….

Loading it up!



So the next task was to get the car back to Hidden Valley..It took a while and we arranged a truck trailer..So we went to Hidden Valley thought what we could do..My Friend Jaspreet and I figured out that we can attach a few Leds near the indicate the driver and create a switch that simultaneously connects both the Right and left Indicators..Hence the problem was solved..We went to YouthShack only the third time since i had arrived..we stopped at Hungary Jacks and had a meal went back again to Hidden Valley to run a few errands and then we waited for the test on the hidden valley track..It went well our car cleared the track a lot slower than the other cars..but still at least we were Going to race to Adelaide..

High Voltage


Fire Extinguisher

SUN07 Our license plate..

Our Team Manager Mh. Bilal was very good ..He didn’t let the administrative stress to propagate to the members so that we can all work effectively..U rock Sir! ..

On Road

The next on was the Race to Adelaide..

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