Trying Some Graphic Etching

Copper PCBs amazing..Toner Transfer Etching Great! Graphic Etching Superb!

This weekend i had to print(rather etch) a few circuits..i have been making for the past few weeks..When i was cutting the PCB(Bare Copper PCB)..I got an idea Of making cool key-chains with this technique.I printed my details on a tiny little piece of copper PCB and Etched it,Drilled a hole and attached a small ring and chain from a broken Key-Chain.It turned out to be great! Although,we can improve the design..This is still my first..I also printed a Bag-Tag ..with a Hack-a-day logo ( their Fb cover page pic) as a tribute to this great site

(PS:The logo is the property of Hack-a-day..I don`t possess any Rights!)

If anybody in India,Wants a key-chain like this,can mail me at : rohit7gupta[at]gmail[dot]com