I recently ‘got’ a Capacitive Booster Pack from Ti in a competition.

I decided to play some games involving simple controls with it.It is a great little booster pack which lets you do cool stuff like gesture recognition ( Touch gestures..like rotate,slide etc.). As an initial experiment i decided to play Poto and Cabenga  . It is a funny little time killing game..where all you need to do it to just press the “SPACE-BAR” ..Cool enough..for lazy geeks(ahemm like me)..

I decided to do it using the

TI MSP430 Launchpad + Capacitive Booster Pack+ Some Windows Shell Scripting

This is what i got:

Just wave the hand above it to get it out of the LPM(Low Power Mode)..this activates the script and then until it sleeps..the script is active..

Hope you like it..I will post the scripts soon..So stay tuned!


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