I participated in a something-from-nothing competition a while back..where we were required to make something from the given “not so” junk  materials provided in a very short amount of time. I made an ice cream stick based knife which eventually got me the third prize as the organizers liked a water filter which makes water even more poisonous than it would have been earlier. So here is my entry that i made in 10 mins flat as i had to attend a lecture that day.

Its a ‘choorie’ or a Rampuri as popularized by Hindi Movies. There is a trigger in this kind of knife that actuates a spring mechanism and makes a naive piece of wood into a potentially dangerous weapon.. My one does`nt do anything except from cutting a few papers.. 🙂

All you need is two morning-newspaper-rubber-bands

Some tasty-ice-cream-sticks


A blade(Shaving One) or an old and broken paper cutter one!

There is no How-To here, Its pretty obvious when you look at the two pictures that are to follow!

The Dormant State!

The Dormant State!

When the lower part (south of the red/pink band) is pressed it raises the lower stick, which releases the trapped upper part and the blade comes out ! The rubbers are wrapped around tiny grooves cut at those parts to arrest them in place!

When the trigger is pressed!

When the trigger is pressed!


Have A Good Day Ahead!


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