Digging into an old Nokia 2100

Well, i have been opening up stuff ever since i was a child with a screwdriver, but now that i am studying engineering, It actually adds more fun to it. I had an old Nokia 2100 that i would take/sneak to school. Now its in a bad shape and the screen needs replacement. It had been lying on my desk for a few months until now i wanted to break it up and see how “Nokia” did it back then.

Thanks to ย nokia`s longevity, it seems that the phones are still somehow alive , thanks to which the repair supplies market is not dead and turns out to be a helpful resource to what the black chips on the board do.

The beautiful board inside the phone


The MAD2WDIC V16 baseband gsm processor from TI


The COBBA(Audio I.C. 4370793) It seems to be handling all the audio processing on the device. on the side is the Charging Control I.C. 4370621 with a big SMD 0.22 resistor for current sensing


The complete PCB. It also has a Signaling processor 4370781 HAGAR, a Chip Flash LRSI3AI and a NMP707 series Chip Power Supply IC-NMP70719


The design is such that everything connects to the main pcb using copper strip contacts making is highly modular,repairable and shock absorbent as we know nokia phones used to be.


4370433 IC i could not find anything about


The Buzzer..


The contacts galore


The display and Keypad.

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Hoping to see some comments! ๐Ÿ˜€


EventReport: Renesas GR Sakura Competition India

Today, I got a chance to present my project at the finals of the GR-Sakura Design Challenge in New Delhi at Radisson Blu-Dwarka. Although i did`nt win ( ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) But, It was a great experience to be there and meet new fellows. I clicked some pictures of interesting projects and prototyping ways. It was great to see people use 3D printed motor mounts and extensive use of android phones in projects. One out almost every 5 projects had an android assisted interface.

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dwarka

My Project

My Setup ๐Ÿ˜€

First one to reach!

The Stage!

Yet to start!

The Registration Desk

Exclusive Preview to Kurumi Board

Preview To Kurumi Board

Automatic Diesel Generator Control

Automatic Diesel Generator Control by Power Grid

Train collision avoidance system

A Train accident prevention system with sub-metre accuracy using GSM-GPS-GLONASS-WAD made by very senior person with about two decades of experience in designing safety systems. He also won a prize !

Farm Automation based huge project

A huge farm automation project with almost everything LabView+Android+Sakura+Servo+Panel Tracking.. and the list goes on!

IIT Bhubaneshwar used 3D printed mounts

Another Great project from IIT,Bhubaneshwar.It studies the control requirements for designing a Uni-cycle.These guys have a huge stratasys 3D printer at their college which they call RPM-Rapid Prototyping Machine. They built the mounts for the motor and pulleys using solid works and later printed them.

PLC based on Sakura

A PLC based on Sakura Board

Vibration Analysis

Another interesting project which uses accelerometer and Temperature sensors to determine whether a rotary machine follows the ISO standards!

Project Idea

I met a really interesting person at the event. Butani Sir is from Rajkot and has a very good knowledge of topics ranging from Microcontrollers ( you name any! ),Dev Boards, Aero-modelling,Graphics and Hands-On in general. He is a professor at a college in Rajkot and has a Btech,Mtech in ECE.This is his idea of a final project would look like! Cool Sketching ๐Ÿ˜€

Butani Sir and his project

Butani Sir while packing up (He too has a Chronos)!

Nice Way of Prototyping

How he did the board was real cool. Using his exp. from aero-modelling he made it almost like a shield and glued dangling components. Tip for ppl who prefer the perfboard

Intense Moments


Judging in Process

The Entire Setup for demonstration

Prize Distribution

The prize distribution

To view the entire set go here.

It was a great event.This was their first edition. If they ever plan to scale it up, they can see how TI does it in India.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!