Well, i have been opening up stuff ever since i was a child with a screwdriver, but now that i am studying engineering, It actually adds more fun to it. I had an old Nokia 2100 that i would take/sneak to school. Now its in a bad shape and the screen needs replacement. It had been lying on my desk for a few months until now i wanted to break it up and see how “Nokia” did it back then.

Thanks to  nokia`s longevity, it seems that the phones are still somehow alive , thanks to which the repair supplies market is not dead and turns out to be a helpful resource to what the black chips on the board do.

The beautiful board inside the phone


The MAD2WDIC V16 baseband gsm processor from TI


The COBBA(Audio I.C. 4370793) It seems to be handling all the audio processing on the device. on the side is the Charging Control I.C. 4370621 with a big SMD 0.22 resistor for current sensing


The complete PCB. It also has a Signaling processor 4370781 HAGAR, a Chip Flash LRSI3AI and a NMP707 series Chip Power Supply IC-NMP70719


The design is such that everything connects to the main pcb using copper strip contacts making is highly modular,repairable and shock absorbent as we know nokia phones used to be.


4370433 IC i could not find anything about


The Buzzer..


The contacts galore


The display and Keypad.

To view the complete album go to my flickr page here!

Hoping to see some comments! 😀



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