MacroCASE- A DIY phone case to see, up close !

A detailed build procedure of this is already posted on Instructables

Last night while I was soldering a TSSOP Package on a home-etched board, i found it really difficult to see the joints whether they had soldered fine or whether i had a healthy track? I used my eye-loupe to see up close.The idea of using eye-loupe was initially introduced to my while my time at CEPD,NSIT .Ah! That was a beautiful solder joint. Something worth saving and sharing. So, I just held the loupe in front of the phone to click a picture and save it. I figured this could be useful in taking macroshots too.
umm.. Like this bajra seed

Bajra Grain under my #MacroCase ! #Macro #Photography #Lumia #Nokia #DIY

A photo posted by Rohit Gupta (@rohit7gupta) on Feb 2, 2015 at 5:28am PST

or this brush

Results of my #own #Macro #Lens #Setup for #Phones ! These are bristles of a Brush ! #DIY #Optics #PhoneMods #Lumia

A photo posted by Rohit Gupta (@rohit7gupta) on Jan 26, 2015 at 1:02am PST

These instances started to occour more frequently. You know the feeling when you figure out that one Juggad has solved a problem and you keep on using it again and again. Sometimes, even when not quite necessary (But for fun!)

So, why not combine the phone and this eye-loupe (sadly but aptly broken due to its relocation from Delhi) and make something permanent and then the MACROCase was made and it gave purpose to that ready to throw back cover that i just made useful.

You wont need much stuff to make it, just almost everything in the picture below is enough.

Building is not very difficult (See this Instructable). I also added a LED to precisely illuminate the scene just in case we went up too close. An assorted SMD switch was added near the camera button (Yes some Lumias have it :P). The whole wiring was done using copper tape. One can also use the wires. I preffered them as they are just stick.

And there I have my own modded phone case that helps me take nice pictures of the smaller things in life and help me pick numbers of those small components like resistors and chips.

This is how a SOIC looks like:

Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial series on umm.. Lets keep it a secret till then. ! Until next time, (as John Green says) , Dont Forget to be awesome!



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